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Bad Apple Theatre Presents - The Frozen Roman



The Frozen Roman
 is the brilliant story of how a new building development could threaten a village's quiet way of life is the topic of the latest touring play from North Yorkshire's  Badapple Theatre Company. 
It's coming to Husthwaite on 6th June 2019.


"The Frozen Roman" follows a group of hapless villagers who fear plans for a new development in their midst could ruin their community. A secret meeting at the pub gets heated as the villagers rack their brains for new ways to fight the development. The discovery of an ancient Roman burial site under foot could throw them a lifeline, but only if they can prove what the remains are. Things aren't always what they seem!

With the debate still raging nationally over where to build new houses, Badapple's  writer Kate Bramley noticed a common theme of protest in small rural communities. "They feel they are being changed to make way for new towns. It's a subject that affects many of the places we travel to and even our own home base of Green Hammerton, near York. There's always a level of excitement locally when developers have to get the archaeologists in, just in case they find another part of the Roman road heading north!"

For the last 20 years, Badapple Theatre Company has been taking productions to the smallest of rural venues, and has brought the best of new theatre to the most unexpected places. They are one of the UK's best and most prolific touring companies. They came to Husthwaite last year with "Thankful Village" which was excellent. Just before that, two of us from Husthwaite saw their "Amy Johnson" play in Fewston and really enjoyed it. What's so good (and unusual) about Badapple is the way they mix moving drama with Jez Lowe's original music and songs and lots of laughter.

"Frozen Roman"should be a treat.

The details; it's on Thursday 6 June at Husthwaite Village Hall. Doors open at 7.00; the play begins at 7.30. Tickets are £10/ £5 under 18s/ £25 family. 
For tickets and more information 01347 868130 or 07803 801 570. 
Give me a call or send an email and I'll get tickets to you

Andrew Coulthard
01347 868130 
07803 801 570