Husthwaite Village Trust - Money For Community Projects.

Our purpose is straightforward and it's about making life in Husthwaite a bit better.

We have an amount of money which we can use to help community projects in Husthwaite.

At present we regularly support the Village Newsletter and the Youth Club; we help Orchard Village Club when they need it. We've also given one-off grants to various village sports events like the New Year football match. We helped with the cost of the new floodlights outside the church, with the Christmas Crafts day and the village Summer Party. And we provided a financial safety net for the pantomime in case things went wrong……which they didn't. We have also given individual support to a resident with profound disability.

Our funds came from the village cider project, Orchards Of Husthwaite. When it changed to be an independent business, rather than a community project, it bought the assets from the village. That gave us a substantial sum to spend on supporting life in the village.

To protect the money and make sure it was spent properly, we registered formally as a charity. That gives us strict rules to comply with and it makes us report every year on what we are doing. We think our initial fund will last for about 10 years but it is open for further donations.

So, if you have an idea for a community project for the village and you need financial help to get it off the ground or keep it running, let us know. We really welcome bids from anyone and we will help you to put a proposal together.

Just to be clear, we can only support Husthwaite projects which in some way benefit life in the village. We can't support business ventures and (except in very special circumstances) we will only fund groups not individuals. There's an application pack with full details and we welcome the chance to explain things to anyone interested.

If you have an idea (even at a very early stage, before you have thought everything through), let one of us know. There are five people involved in the Trust, Jane Maloney, Erik Seaman, Cameron Smith, Jim Murray and Andrew Coulthard. Andrew is the secretary, on 01347 868130, but any one of us will be pleased to help.

AC 18 October 2018