Welcome from all at the Parish Council.

PC are made up from elected volunteers who give up their own time in order to improve Husthwaite Village life.The PC are commited to enhancing all areas of the community for all members of the community.

Parish Council Meetings are held on the third Tuesday in January, March, May, July, September and November. All meetings are at 7.30 EXCEPT May and November which are 7.0pm.
Meetings will be held at Husthwaite Village Hall.

Your Councillors

carol fenwick

Carol Fenwick: Council Chair. I was born and raised in Husthwaite, as was my husband Rick. We live at Inglenook and have three children Lisa-Marie, Michelle and Alex. For the last 30 years I have been employed full time as a clerical supervisor and budget manager and I also do voluntary work in a local charity shop. I joined the Parish Council in May 1999 and have been Chair for a number of years. I represent the Parish Council as a trustee on the Village Hall Committee and on the Constance Elizabeth Beckwith Trust. In addition I am responsible for streetlights, recreation area inspections and risk assessments and I am a Husthwaite Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.
Email Carol Fenwick Tel: 01347 868 479

elaine smith

Elaine Smith: Vice-Chair. I came to live in Husthwaite in 1979 the year after David and I were married. His family have farmed at Baxby for four generations, and our son has grown up here, as did David and his father before him. I first became a member of the parish council in 1992, was for 3 years in the Chair, and presently represent the Council on the Yorkshire local Councils' Association and at liaison meetings with Hambleton District Council.
We treasure our home, the farm and its surroundings, but particularly appreciate being part of a community where people support each other, and where neighbourliness still survives.
I see the imposition of urban values and greater control 'from a distance' as the greatest threats to many of the things we in Husthwaite value. It is therefore important that the Parish Council promotes the principal of 'government from the bottom up', and ensures that the views of the people we represent are heard.
Email Elaine Smith Tel: 01347 868 572


Peter Fox. I have lived in Husthwaite for almost 40 years with my wife Katie and two daughters now with their own families. I retired in 2012 as senior judge in the North East when I was co-opted on to the Parish Council which I have found to be an energetic group of very different people, active in every aspect of village life. I was happy to stand again in 2015 but am looking for a younger replacement by 2020. Over the years I have seen this village change from a behind-the-times backwater to an up-to-date vibrant community with opportunities and activities for all, yet retaining a its attractive rural character whose way of life and infrastructure I want to help maintain. My current local interest is in the prospect of 'fracking' locally and the need to ensure such development does not detract from our precious quality of life.
Email Peter Fox

Barney Smith. I was born and raised in Husthwaite and my family has been at Baxby Manor for five generations, (the sixth has now arrived!). I attended Husthwaite Primary School and went to Ampleforth College.
I love to travel and spent quite a few years travelling the world, but I always looked forward to coming home. I have Husthwaite at my heart and want to make a difference, not just for now but for future generations and my children. I live at Baxby with my two sons Felix and Rufus. I am self employed and am the owner of The Hideaway camping and glamping campsite at Baxby Manor.
Email Barney Smith Tel: 01347 869 094

Craig Colton

I am married to Lynn, have 3 children Rob (18) Rebecca (16) and Alex (13), along with two dogs.  We moved into Husthwaite July 2013, from Southampton.  I work in Insurance for Aviva, as MD for the Equity Release business.  As a family we like sport and like to be involved with village life.  I enjoy cycling and have got a few members of the village to join me on weekend cycle (road bike) rides.  I support Leeds United and along with my two boys we are season ticket holders and go to all home games.  Hopefully as a member of the Parish Council I will be able to help and support the village.


Jan Coulthard
I became Clerk to Husthwaite Council this year (2015) so I am still learning, but already appreciate the unseen work that Parish Councillors do on the village?s behalf.
Though a Lancastrian, I have lived in Yorkshire most of my working and family life, moving to Husthwaite with my husband Andrew in 2004.We quickly absorbed ourselves into village life, Andrew in the village hall events and hall renewal, and myself editing the Newsletter and Link magazines, and helping to run the Book Exchange.
We have a son and daughter, and 5 grandchildren, 3 of whom luckily for us live nearby. We also have a large number of Italian friends, who visit us regularly, as we do them. Such friendships are important to give a view of a wider world and different points of view.
I retired recently from tutoring in Adult Education, which together with teaching English in Further Education formed the whole of my working life. My interests include reading, design, crafts and politics.
If villagers wish to contact myself as clerk, or members of the Parish Council, our email is husthwaitepc@hotmail.co.uk


John Law
I joined the Parish Council in July 2018. I have lived in Husthwaite since 2015 and work in York for DEFRA where I am part of the team designing the new farm support programme which will come in once the UK leaves the EU. I have been a part of some of the village community activities of late, most notably appearing as Cheryl, one of the Ugly Sisters, in the Cinderella Panto in February 2018. I am co-hosting the Husthwaite Talent show later this year and hope to be in forthcoming am-dram productions in the village hall. I am also a member of Easingwold Choir. I am an environmental scientist and am keen to develop some new environmental and conservation initiatives in the village and surrounding area. I live with Pauline Crawford and two mad Springers: Lottie and Pip who you may have seen out and about on the footpaths. I have 3 children: a budding solicitor, an actress and a son still at school in Gloucestershire.?

Last Meeting MARCH 2019


Councillors Present: C. Fenwick (Chair), J. Don (JD), P. Fox (PF), J. Law (JL), B. Smith (BS).
Also in Attendance: Mrs J. Coulthard (Clerk), Mr T Carter.
1. Apologies: C. Colton (working), E. Smith (holiday), District Cllr C. Patmore (at Linton-on-Ouse PC).
Declarations of Interest: NONE.
2. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed as a true record.
3. Matters Arising:
3.1 Fracking in North Yorkshire: PF attended the Inspector's re-examination of the proposals put forward by the South Hambleton Shale Gas Advisory group , the drilling company and others, in January. The proximity of drilling sites to housing and other property was discussed, in particular the 500 mtr prohibition area. There seems to be no hope of extending this further away from property, and PF is not confident even this distance will be approved, with the fracking companies demanding less.
The decisions of the Inspector are due out in mid-summer.
3.2 Emergency Planning: The Husthwaite Community Emergency Plan has been sent to the Emergency Planning Officer at NYCC.
3.3 MUGA Drainage: J. Revely & Sons have completed the drainage and groundworks at the northern end of the MUGA and the Making a Difference Fund Claim Form will now be submitted.
3.4 Bus Service 31X: Dianne Pottage, NYCC Public & Community Transport Officer, has asked Transdev to reinstate the late afternoon bus but they are unwilling because the journey did not carry many passengers. Another operator is willing to run a service from York to Helmsley, departing around 17:00, and the cost would be in the region of £80 per day which NYCC are unable to fund. As there is already a Transdev bus from York to Easingwold at this time, the Clerk was requested to contact Dianne to ask if the operator was willing to run a service from Easingwold to Helmsley, departing around 1800, and what the possible costs would be. PF attended the Hambleton & Richmondshire Rural Transport & Access Partnership meeting today, the purpose of which is to identify unmet transport and access needs and improve transport links in rural communities. The meeting discussed setting up a data link for North Yorkshire, but there seemed to be no actual progress on addressing the issue of unmet transport needs or improving transport links. Action: Clerk

3.5 Cemetery Gate: The specification for the repair of the double wooden gates at the cemetery was sent to John Burroughs and John Howland. Unfortunately, John Burroughs was unable to submit a quote as he does not have a workshop in which to deconstruct and rebuild the gates and John Howland did not respond. Quotes for replacement of the wooden gates with new steel gates were received from Matthew Dwyer, Mike Barker and Baptiste Deleau and, after careful consideration, the PC selected local engineer Mike Barker to undertake the job. Action: CF
3.6 25 Year Environmental Plan: JL is progressing with the environmental energy project, including a plan to improve the connectivity of rural footpaths. Action: JL

3.7 Village Green tree: Jan obtained quotes from three arboricultural experts, A. Whitehead Associates, Artemisia Consultancy and Barnes Associates, for a survey of the lime tree on the Village Green. After careful consideration, the PC selected Artemisia Consultancy to undertake the survey as she was able to complete the task and produce a report within the timeframe. As the tree is within Husthwaite Conservation Area, Jan has now applied for planning permission so that we can act on the recommendations in the report and quotes for the work will be requested from Farm & Land Services and Greg Milburn. Action: CF
3.8 Village Planters:JD reported that the planters are under construction.
It was suggested putting in a request to the Husthwaite Orchard Fund which supports community projects, to meet half the cost of the planters. It is hoped the planters will be ready in time for Husthwaite Open Gardens in June. Action: CF
4. Matters that have arisen between meetings:
4.1 Cemetery / Primary School Boundary Trees: At the beginning of February a tree from the cemetery boundary fell into the school premises and, on further inspection, other trees nearby looked to be in a similar condition. Quotes were requested from Andrew Corner, FFT Lumber, James Gordon-Finlayson and Farm & Land Services to remove the dead trees and sever ivy from the rest. Two quotes were received and, after careful consideration, the PC selected the cheapest quote from Farm & Land Services. The work has now been completed along with the previously planned tidying of the Yew trees and removal of sapling growth from two graves.
4.2 Closure of the Plum & Partridge: The village pub, which is a registered community asset, closed on 5th February and the HDC Community Engagement Officer is in the process of making enquiries to ascertain the owner's intentions. We now understand that the premises will reopen as a Tomahawk Steakhouse after a short period of closure for refurbishment. The owner of the company is willing to meet the Parish Council to engage with the community.
5. Planning Matters:
5.1 The following planning applications have been received:
18/02661/MRC - The Garage, Low Street, Husthwaite - Variations of conditions attached to planning consent 16/01987/OUT - outline application for the demolition of buildings and the construction of 3 dwellings. The Parish Council had no objections as long as the new property will not exceed the footprint of the existing building and there is sufficient off-street parking.
18/02100/REM - Land to the south of Prospect Cottages, Husthwaite - Application for approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout & scale) for previously approved application 14/02294/OUT outline application for development of 20 houses. Another amended layout submitted - The Parish Council
5.2 The following planning applications have been approved:
18/02575/FUL - Cash Stores, High Street, Husthwaite - First floor extension to existing dwelling.
18/02661/MRC - The Garage, Low Street, Husthwaite - Variation of Conditions attached to Planning Consent 16/01987/OUT.
5.3 Craig Allison, HDC Planning Enforcement Officer, has visited Beal Cottage to investigate the alleged breach of planning and has advised the owner that planning permission is required. The PC has received a letter from the owners detailing their thoughts and ideas for the renovation.
6. Finance Report:
6.1 Current Account:
Cheques / Monies Out
15.01.19 100960 £215.00 Clerk - November 2018 to January 2019
08.02.19 100961 £17.64 Husthwaite Village Hall - Cyber Crime Talk
08.02.19 100962 £420.00 Cater-Kwik - VH Bottle Fridge (inc £70 VAT)
Cheques / Monies In
Statement Balance at 15 February 2019 - £17364.82 (including £9424.88 Cemetery monies)
Balance at 12 March 2019 - £16927.18
Payments to be authorised:
Farm & Land Services - £996.00 - Works to Cemetery Trees (inc £166.00 VAT)
J Revely & Sons - £1308.00 - Recreation Area Drainage (inc £218.00 VAT)
Jan Hoyland - £275 - Village Green Tree Survey
J Coulthard - £215 - January to March 2019
6.2 Recreation Area Account:
Cheques / Monies In
15.1.19 .22 Interest
15.2.19 .22 Interest
Statement Balance at 15 February 2019 - £1304.49
7. Circulated Items that may be of interest to the Council:
7.1 2019 Parish Council Elections: The Clerk distributed nomination packs to councillors and reminded them that all documents must be delivered by hand to the Returning Officer, Room 220, Hambleton District Council, Civic Centre, Stone Cross, Northallerton, DL6 2UU before 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April.
7.2 Great British Spring Clean: This national event occurs between 22 March and 23rd April.
The Parish Council would like to acknowledge the efforts of those individual villagers who help with litter picking throughout the year, so generally this is not a major problem here. However, if people would like to do some litter picking during that event, please do so!
7.3 Littering / Fly Tipping: Fly Tipping in the countryside is a problem and an offence for which people can be prosecuted. Recently 2 large bags of rubbish were found near here(in one the vehicle registration of the tipper!) and matters were reported to the police and Hambleton District Council. You can report any Fly Tipping to either of the above: Hambleton DC will remove the rubbish if you let them know of anything you find.

7.4 Calor Rural Community Fund: JL said that the newly formed Drama Group might like to apply for funding, in particular for an outreach programme for schools. Action JL

8. Reports from Council Representatives:
Easingwold & Villages Forum: The next meeting will be held in the Galtres Centre on 4th April.
HDC Parish Liaison Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for early 2019.
Highways: The deep gulley at the side of the Husthwaite - Easingwold road near to Acaster bridge, caused by run-off water from the fields, has been reported to NYCC Highways who have placed warning cones and marked the road for repairs. CF will enquire when works are due to start. Action: CF
High Street Name Plate: The damaged name plate at the junction of High Street and Kays Bank has been reported and will be replaced in the near future.
Neighbourhood Watch: The Trading Standards Cyber Crime talk was attended by approx. 20 villagers and we have now been offered a talk on current scams from the Community Banker.
Public Footpaths: The broken kissing gate adjacent to Squirrel Cottage and the broken gatepost on the bridleway between The Old Lodge and Paddy's Lane have been reported to NYCC again. Maintenance work to the UUR from Highthorne Lane to the Nookin is underway.
Recreation Area: A clean up of a mass of brash and branches on the edge of the area is needed. Carol will try to get the use of a trailer to take stuff away. If anyone is willing to help, possibly on a Sunday in the Spring Clean month, please contact Carol Fenwick.
Street Lighting: Northern Power Grid have now installed a new lighting unit on the replacement pole adjacent to The White House and all street lights are now working.
Village Hall: Planned events include The North on 23rd March, Film Club on 28th January and Pop Up Pub on 5th April.
YLCA: The next meeting is on 19th June
.Green bins: Everyone is reminded now is the time to pay for annual green bin collection and obtain new tags for green bins, and only display the new tags from April onwards.
9. Report from County / District Councillor: As District Councillor C Patmore was not in attendance, no report was given.
10. Date & Time of next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st May 2019 after the Annual Parish Meeting in Husthwaite Village Hall which starts at 7pm.



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